About Us

The brand name POUCHI is derived from the word “pouch”, which means “bag” or “sack”. Pronunciation is "pow-chi" ;-)

Our brand is popular by its multifunctional fanny pack, a petit bag which can be worn as a shoulder bag, a crossbody, a clutch, a fanny pack and a wallet.
And as if that isn't all. The chain that comes along with can be worn as a belt or a necklace thanks to the beautiful logo charm.
In 2017 owner and designer of POUCHI, Veronica Jibodh, won a silver award for the POUCHI designs at the international design award competition in Milan, Italy.

Silver Design Award Certificate

The full story

“It was a beautiful Friday evening in the summer of 2011. I was standing in front of the mirror, wearing my dress to go out; when I wondered if a matching, elegant fanny pack exists. All I wanted to take with me that night were my phone, keys, credit/debit cards, money and lipstick… and I didn’t want to carry a bag.

This particular elegant fanny pack kept my mind busy during my night out and as soon as I got home, I googled it on the internet. When I couldn’t find what I was searching for, I decided to design it myself! Without any design experience I literally googled: “How do I become a bags designer”, and that’s where my journey began. I took my most important items, started sorting them and drawing around them. I thought of a name that was related to “pouch” since my newest adventure was to make the pouch of all pouches.

During my design process I developed a luxurious and multifunctional pouch to be worn as a fanny pack, a cross body, a shoulder bag, a wallet and a clutch. One, no one had seen before. Besides the fact that the pouch can be worn in multiple ways, the chain that comes with it, can also can be worn in different ways such as a belt or a necklace thanks to the logo charm.”

The company was established in January 2012.


Veronica Jibodh
Founder and currently owner of POUCHI

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