Picture this: it's 2011, a warm summer evening, and you're getting ready to head out for a night of fun and excitement. You slip into your favorite dress and take a look in the mirror, wondering if there's a way to keep all of your essentials close at hand without having to carry a bulky bag. That's when inspiration strikes: what if there was a stylish, elegant belt bag that could hold everything you need for a night out, from your phone to your lipstick? In 2011 there were no elegant belt bags to find.

That simple idea was the start of a thrilling journey. With no design experience, our founder, Veronica Jibodh, turned to the internet to learn how to become a bag designer and began sketching out her vision for the perfect pouch. She spent countless hours refining her design, crafting a luxurious and versatile bag that could be worn as a belt bag, cross body, shoulder bag, wallet, or clutch. And there is more: The chain that comes along with the bag can be worn as an accessory or a decorative belt to complete your outfit. Today, this particular bag is known as our signature bag, the Amalia.

From that initial idea our brand POUCHI has blossomed into a thriving fashion and lifestyle brand. From the original pouch that started it all to the latest must-have accessories, POUCHI products are designed to help you live your best life, wherever your adventures take you.

Each bag is a chapter, a testament to strength, determination and unique style. Recently, a new chapter unfolded with our makeup collection, seamlessly weaving POUCHI's charm into your daily script.

Every POUCHI piece carries a piece of our story, a push to follow your heart, a reminder to pursue your dreams, a promise to look good, feel good and know your worth.

From enchanting bags to everyday makeup, POUCHI isn't just a brand – it's an invitation to become the hero of your own narrative.

"Take your style to the next level".

Meet our visionary
Veronica Jibodh, owner and founder