Our FAMOUS multifunctional fanny-pack

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The benefits of the multifunctional fanny-pack

From jogging suite to gala dress with 1 bag. Is that even possible?
POUCHI provides the answer: "YES"!

The multifunctional fanny pack is a petit bag that match every outfit from day to night. It is 1 bag in 5 different populair styles. It is a:

1. Fanny Pack
2. Shoulder bag
3. Crossbody
4. Clutch
5. Wallet

Oh and wait! The chain can also be worn as a belt.
The bag comes with a leather strap and a sturdy yet elegant chain.

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"Pouchi, an elegant and beautiful bag made for each and every woman. You feel the love and care of the designer. She made it with love to love it.. so how could you deny such a precious lovely bag. The quality is Excellent. I love both my bags. Get yours to feel the love and joy.. Just Pouchi"

Malinie Kaersenhout

Very innovative, creative and amazing brand! Pouchi uses the highest quality and their service level is perfect. As a luxury bag freak of famous brands, Pouchi is definitely worth having in your collection.

Chanella van Bemmel

As a proud owner of 4 different POUCHI bags in 3 different colours I got addicted! It had all the things I look for: Quality, Exclusivity and Functionality! Hope there is more to come….

Ingard Alisoeprapto

They ogled me from a distance for a while but I already had 3 pairs. Once they went into the sale I could not resist them anymore. I placed the order and a package was delivered to my house after three days. I opened it in anticipation and there they were. POUCHI SUNNIES… have now become my favourite sunglasses.

Sharda Tapessur

Stylish and really good quality, I love my new POUCHI bag!

Cassie Flog
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