ways to wear POUCHI

POUCHI’s designer Veronica Jibodh was featured on the international blog: by Styling Amsterdam. In the interview Veronica shows the readers the multiple ways of wearing a POUCHI bag. A definite must-read which you can read here.

A small preview:

“Veronica Jibodh is an entrepreneur. She’s always looking for new opportunities, living a dream and trying to pursue it! She was the first owner of Discover Your Beauty, a very chic beautysalon, but she wanted more than just that. Whatever she wants, she’s trying to achieve. As for now, she’s the owner, founder and designer of POUCHI, a new label for high fashion leather accessories. Besides being a business woman, she loves to have fun! She’s a real camera addict, enjoys music and loves to socialize with people. Her family and friends are the V.I.P’s in her life!

Veronica how did the idea of starting your company come up?
I am an entrepreneur and I’m always looking for new opportunities. While working on three other projects of mine this brilliant idea of a POUCHI bag pops up in my head. And this is how: I was putting together an outfit for an event, and I just could not find the perfect little bag to go along with it. All I wanted to take with me were my phone, my keys and my credit card. As I certainly did not want to carry more then needed I was looking for a little waist bag, you know, something you can wear on your hips or waist?! Of course it had to be elegant and chic to match my dress. That’s when the idea of the POUCHI bag was born!”


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